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Just looking for some ppl to play with.

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hey guys, im new to the site and im looking for ppl to play EFT with, I don't have any of the cheats I really cant afford them. Instead of explaining my situation when it comes to gaming im just going to paste my intro post here.


Hey to all the gamers out there, My name is lucas and ive been a very active gamer ever since I held a controller in my hand. Now, I have a very strange question for a cheat site.......since the release of tarkov I have been HEAVILY invested in it, lots of time.....lots of rage. I have considered cheating before in fits of rage but was always a little nervous but since tarkov is not yet a finished game I don't feel so bad lol. That brings me to this, a few months ago I was involved in a pretty bad accident which has left me paralyzed from the neck down and I use a mouth operated controller for all my games, not even losing the use of my hands can keep me away from gaming lol. Its taken me a lot of hours to kinda get somewhat good using this controller but still at a constant handicap.


because I cant play games with my hands its been very hard to find ppl to play EFT with, even after joining countless discords, no one wants to play with the handicap guy. Im not looking for ppl to run around and kill everything on the maps for me im just looking for ppl to help me with tasks and have that general strength in numbers feel.


Pls add me on discord if you don't mind having me tag along or helping me with tasks, or even just messing around.


my discord name is Thundercookie#7923





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