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Why even cheat?

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Cheat providers cannot even "provide" cheats that last. Sure they might have a ton of features but what difference does it makes if they all get you banned? You are paying money to get banned. Not only do you lose your money but you lose your steam account. You pay $15, or $20, or whatever other amount, every month to get a service that does not even serve you. Then all providers tell you, "there is always a risk". What a convenient cop-out when they cannot even provide a service that you want. At least get yourselves some high quality cheats. Yes, you might spend $500 or $600 on a private build with very limited features, but at least you can play the game with the service that was promised to you. If you think about it, $600 is not that much more than what these "providers" take. You pay them every month, constantly get vac-banned because of them, lose al your account, rebuy the games, rebuy the cheats, in a never ending cycle. Why do you even try to cheat if you know you lose money and get banned soon enough?

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