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my top 3 mice

officer doofy

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since sombody asked which mouse he should get i thought im gonna make a thread about my top 3. ive tryed over 15 different mice this year xD 

My hand size and grip style: 17cmx9.5cm, claw grip

My top 3:

1. zowie ec2-b
this mouse came out a few weeks ago. its the updated version of the ec2-a. new sensor (3360), side buttons and mouse feet. the best thing about zowie mice is the build quality and the shapes. i love the shape of this mouse its the most comfortable mouse ever in my opinion. only bad thing is the price that is currently at about 75€.

2. ninox venator
this is actually a quite unknown company. good shape, 3360 sensor, good buttons and nice materials. there is a white version (old one) and the black version (new one). the old version had some quality issues but the new black version is really good! the best price-performance ratio ive ever seen! you can get this mouse for only 40€.

3. logitech g403 wireless/wired

logitechs wireless technology is awesome! playing without a mouse cable feels great and there is literally no difference between a wired mouse. weight is at about 107g which is decent. build quality is on point. best sensor on the market. its using the 3366 sensor which is a modified 3360. shape is great too but its a little bit to big for me. if my hands would be bigger then i would use this mouse for sure! if you have no problem with a mouse cable get the wired version which is cheaper and lighter. price is currently at 60€.

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My favourite used to be a very simple mouse made by BAKTH which was super light weight and had a smaller button next to the left click button which was macroed to only click once / shoot once in games even if you held it down on a fully auto weapon.

Unfortunatly I can’t find it anymore though.

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