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Hey Chods Community I just want to warn you all about this user on steam who scammed my friend out of his knife.

Heres his link




All im asking is to report him "Attempted Trade Scam" so he would get banned for trading in steam & csgolounge. If not just watch out for sketchy people like him.. they are all scum.

If you guys are wondering how he scammed my friend, it was by sending his knife to a 'friend on steam method'

NOTE: if this against CC rules you can remove this post. My apology if it is.

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I don't understand how you can get fooled by the friend method in the first place tbh. Always people saying "do you have a friend you can trust". How is giving the knife to a friend going to make it anymore less risky for the buyer at all. Nothing he can do now tbh but i thought people would have realized this by now.

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