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[WTS] CSGO Account 25€ with Prime, LEM Rank, 150+ Wins, 1000 hours + Misc Games

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Hello, the account i'm selling is a good main-like account for CSGO. It has 1000 hours on CSGO, Hydra Coin, Prime unlocked, it's LEM and with more than 150 wins (so it also has overwatch) and it's lvl 10 on Steam. As for the games, it does not only have CSGO but also The Forest and Aliens vs Predator with all DLC's, Lucius and Lucius 2 which are good games to play when bored. No OE, but that's not a problem. Injections: For the past 5 months, no injections were made.

Price: 25€

Account id: /id/illeniumcc/

Payment info:

I only accept Paypal

You customer go first by sending the money on my paypal account (not family & friends so you can refund in case i "scam" you, but surely it won't happen, and in case you want to scam me i can show the proof of our chats on Steam to Paypal and same for you customer)

When I have the money I'll be sending you the account login datas along email verification code, after that you'll have access to the entire account since you can change email, password etc. If you customer are interested and we're going to proceed, be sure to make screenshots of the chat we will have, as i've said, in case i scam you.

Add me on Steam /id/xeno1337yes/ (or skype, but i dont really use it that often however: xeno.morph78 feel free to add) if you're interested


Price is what it is, 25€. No negotiation.
You go first, you can't log into the account BEFORE you've bought it and no excuses of any kind to try to get into the account. (*cough* scammers *cough*). However, I can show the proof that I own the account.
Warranty for 24 hours after purchase.
Contacting me implies that you've accepted the T.O.S



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