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12 year old, CSGO, five year coin + another acc hydra coin | Global elite


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SO TODAY ( very intense autistic start of the thread and idk why are you even reading this. And u are still reading this. laff) I will sell both of my accs.

So I made a idea how we both can get money and the product it self which is the acc.

So basically you can buy 2 accounts for a one price.

1st acc > five year operation coin, 12 years old steam acc, includes cs 1.6,condition zero and it self CSGO too. 

2st acc > hydra operation, 2,35$ in steam wallet, CSGO, Global Elite
IG ss will be added tonight.

Both accounts are specially made with a CD key and a created email, so you will have the PoP and email it self. Imagine it as your acc completely.

A little bit warning about the 2st acc > Currently I am getting it boosted by iPeaks vertigo boost to GE and today at 9pm the temporary cooldown will end and it will be boosted to GE, I will edit the thread until thats done with a ig ss of the 2st acc.

So how this works?
You are buying both accounts at once, you cant buy one of them, but both.

25-30euro for these accs ( thats a price for both of them, that means you pay me 25-30$ for 1st and 2st acc and you get them both)

contact me pm


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7 hours ago, sajjondah said:

Did you use any kinds of cheats on these accounts?

Regards Sajjondah.

Nope, I havent.

These used to be my MAIN new accounts to start a new acc, but since I got a new better acc, I dont need these, so I am selling these to get money and pimp up my new main acc. ^^

btw, 2st acc just got a update and I bought an operation hydra TOO for it, so now the price is obviously gonna stay 30$


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Just now, sajjondah said:


Regards Sajjondah.

After 8wins, I will get GE. Currently I am supreme. I am already playing 4hours non-stop just to get GE, everything for you and who wants to buy. Putting effort into this, soon I will add a ss.
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Finnaly, after 6hours, I present you the 2st acc Global Elite achieved.

As I've said since I have bought for one of my accounts another Hydra Operation, the price will stay at 30$.

If somoene haven't understand how this works is, you pay one price > 30$ > and you get both accs for that price, since this is a quicksell and I need money for my new main to pimp up and I dont need these shits. ^^ 


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59 minutes ago, Chilly said:

I'd be pretty keen, both for 30 euros if you can wait until the 5th of July

Add me on Skype: agentofmayhem

Thats perfect, since I got scammed yesterday for one of the accounts and now I am waiting for Steam Support answer to retrieve it. Dont worry, the account is locked so the hijacker didnt do anything/didnt inject or anything, so thank god. I added you on skype.
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