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Hello there!
This is my first post as I have interest in buying the CSGO cheat at some point soon when I have the funds. This is mainly aimed at the Staff
However, I had a small idea. Since this website has some of the best coders, I think this is the case because the CSGO cheat has some super unique features like Stream proofing and EAC Support, I wonder if you could tackle BattlEye. One of the most highly requested things in terms of profit and userbase is people looking for a H1Z1 KOTK (King of The Kill) cheat. 

I think if this would be a thing on the website, it would have to be whitelisted where perhaps only 20+ people were whitelisted or allowed to use the cheat. I for one would definately pay for this and it's something I'm looking for that you can't find anywhere else (Only two other websites I will not name). This is a gold mine in terms of profit for the site as well as users who also may come and buy the other cheats here.

Hope you can consider this atleast, thanks for reading.

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