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[WTS] Buy CSGO Prime,Non Prime,private rank2 accounts starts from 8.99$


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A cheap CSGO account selling shop

We update our Accounts Prices & Stocks daily

So, Please visit us to check current prices & Stocks.

INSTANT DELIVERYless than a second

Limited Offer
3$extra Discount on PRIME Accounts

upto5$extra Discount on 2x PRIME Accounts

We Accept CS:GO Case Keys Too...

Type Of Accounts:-

1. Rank: Competitive ReadyPrivate Rank 2 Account

2. Rank:Silver 3 to Silver 4 Accounts 19.99$

3. Rank: Silver Elite&Silver Elite Master Accounts 16.99$

4. Rank: Gold Nova 1&Gold Nova 2Account 15.49$

5. Rank: Gold Nova 3&Gold Nova MasterAccount 15.49$

6. Rank: Master Guardian Account 15.49$

7. Rank: Master Guardian II Accounts 15.49$

8. Rank:Master Guardian Elite Accounts 16.99$

9. Rank: Distinguished Master Guardian Accounts18.99$

10. Rank:Legendary EagleAccounts
Currently out of stock

11. PRIME V.I.P ACCOUNT*(Discount Applied)

--Basic Prime/close to prime Account starting from-30$


--Prime Gold Nova lll

50+wins , 100hrs                              Price :-  47$


--Prime Master Guardian elite

1700 hours, 2 service medalsPrice :-130$/ csgo skin worth150$


--PrimeDistinguish Master Guardian

500+ hrs,pRivate rank 36Price :-   80$/ csgo skin worth 100$

Contact us :

We are always ready 24x7 for our customers do visit us

skypeid : bigsmurf09
gmail id : [email protected]

Why buy from us ?

1.all accounts are Clean.
2. No VAC / No Alert.
3. Accounts will never gonna revoke or locked.
4. My Boosters are skilled Global Elites trusted and they never use any kind of cheats.
5. Currently the cheapest store in the planet
6. After everything Done,I will never Unfriend/Block you. Always ready to help you.
7. If i'm not giving reply then don't think that I'm ignoring you, maybe I'm busy or AFK.

Terms & Conditions:-

1.Selling Online Digital Products. Like: Counter Strike Global Offensive Ranked & Smurf Accounts. Buying and Selling of Steam Accounts is against Steam. You acknowledge the full risk of purchasing a Steam Account. If Steam limits or in anyway disables your account then BiGsmurf will not responsible for that.

2. You should put valid details during checkout. If you are paying via PayPal then use your PayPal email and name in Billing Details, if we find someone used another email and name then we will cancel the order.

3. We are selling brand new Steam accounts that means you can’t add friends without spending or adding 5$ wallet code. You can’t ask refund for this or maybe you can add friend as well depends on account features.

Delivery:INSTANT DELIVERYless than a second. Now don't need to wait for us, after successful payment account details will automatically send to your Billing Email Address. Check how you will receive your account

Payment Method:-
PayPal, CS:GO case key

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