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  1. About H1Z1 (Apply for a slot)

    • 64bit Windows
    • DEP set to default windows value
    • USB (Needs to show up as removable drive/USB in windows)
    Aimbot features
    • Aimbot – Automatically aim at players
    • Weapon prediction - Predicts where the bullets go
    • At team - Aim at teammates
    Visual features
    • Player ESP – shows the location of players
    • Names – Draw player names
    • Distance – Draw distance to players
    • Health - Draw player health
    • Healthbar - Draw player healthbar
    • Item ESP – shows the location of weapons, cars, ammo, etc.
    • Names – Draw item names
    • Distance – Draw distance to items
    Misc features
    • Chatbox – Chat with other members while ingame
    • Statistics – See your cheat statistics
    • Max ESP distance – Set the esp distance
    Config features
    • Default config – Automatically load your own default config
    • Config sharing – Share your configs with users that follow you on the forums
    • Color manager – Change the color of everything in the cheat
    Supported Anti-Cheats
    • Battleye
    1. jonathantoumaa


      I would like the H1Z1 cheat. Id be willing to buy it, thanks.

    2. byang6969


      I want one!

    3. X_kony


      Plz I will pay