My Detailed and Honest Review - Hunt: Showdown

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As stated in title this is my detailed and honest review about the cheats provided by Chod's Cheats for Hunt: Showdown.



I will start by mentioning that I have been using this website for nearly two years now and have easily amassed over 1,500 hours of cheat use over 4 different games. I have written a review for both CS:GO and EFT and hope to provide a solid point of reference for anyone considering a purchase of cheats from this website. 


How Credible is this Review?

To reinforce the review I will give you a small breakdown:


-Over 2 years on this site as a normal member (So I am not receiving any special treatment, just a normal user.)

-1,500 Hours of product use on this site.

-200 Hours of direct use in Hunt: Showdown.

-I have used and tried out every feature offered in Hunt: Showdown.
-I have not been banned after my 200 hours of use.

-(Given them way to much money - :) Worth it though, so I can't complain )


Hopefully what I have mentioned is proof enough that this review is credible and accurate, feel free to ask me any questions.



UI - User Interface:

Quick Review: As usual Chod lives up to a nice simplistic UI that goes out of its way to stay simple and easy to use, something many other providers lack or provide for an outrageous price. 


Simplicity [10/10] - Ease of Use [8/10] - Appearance [7.5/10]


Chod lives up to the standard he has set, a nice simplistic UI that will provide you with no problems. 

-Each Category is properly labelled as well as each option.

-Looks clean and sharp.

-As stated a couple times now, the UI could not be easier to understand or use. 


UI Rating - 8.75/10


UI Requests and Recommendations: 

-It would be nice if the different options/settings had descriptions, as sometimes you have no idea what they do without some trial and error. You could, with some work, implement it so when you hover over the different options/settings it would give you a small description of what they did :) .



X-Rays (Wall Hacks)

Quick Review:  Accurate and easy to use, what more do you want from wall hacks?


Accuracy [8/10] - Ease of Use [9/10]


As with the X-Rays in all of the other games, Hunt: Showdowns are basically perfect. This feature is definitely the main reason I and most others buy Chod's products. 

-Very easy to use and understand.

-Fair amount of settings and options for customization.

-Nice small font.


X-Rays Rating - 9.25/10


X-Ray Requests and Recommendations: 

-Player name option, an option that would allow players to see everyone name above their hit box like in other games. 

-Raise X-Ray range limit to a slightly higher maximum; currently the map is slightly bigger then the max distance.



Day/Night Changer:

Quick Review:  Can be buggy and difficult to use, but it definitely works and can provide a big advantage when its dark in game. 


Ease of Use [6.5/10]


As stated in my quick review the day/night time changer can be buggy and difficult to use but it most certainly works and definitely gives you an advantage. 

-Does it's job

-Complicated, but works


Day/Night Changer Rating - 7/10


Day/Night Changer Requests and Recommendations: 

-Change it so instead of giving you a number when scrolling through the bar it gives you either a time or something easier to understand.

-Work on bugs and issues with it - (I would get into detail but the product is currently down so I cannot tinker with it.)



Basically X-Rays but for Items (Item Detector/Locator):

Quick Review: I must admit that I only ever used this feature for a short while since I can really clutter up your screen, but it does its job well and accurately. 


Ease of Use [8/10] - Accuracy [10/10]


This feature shows you the location of items such as medkits, ammo boxes ECT. on the map, allowing you to quickly refill on ammo or health as needed. The main drawback of this feature is that the locator distance is tied to the X-Ray distance for showing you players, so if you lower the detector distance to unclutter your screen and only show you close items you will also only be able to see players that same short distance. Furthermore you also will receive a lot of screen clutter with this feature on, of course you have the ability to choose what items are shown, dramatically reducing clutter.

-Has some drawbacks mentioned above.

-Regardless of the drawbacks the feature works perfectly.


Item Detector Rating - 6.75/10


Day/Night Changer Requests and Recommendations: 

-Have 2 different distance sliders for Item detection and People detection.

-Add a couple more categories for items.




All in all I believe this to be a great and cost effective product, my only problem which I may have complained about in the past in the conversion ratio between my currency and GDP. Anyways, in the end this product does what its meant to do better then any other provided I have found, and is definitely worth the price. 


My final product rating:

Overall Rating: 9.25/10 



Final Words: Thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope you enjoyed reading and found it to be credible and accurate :)


If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to leave a reply.


Have a good day.

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