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About Deadside

Deadside is a hardcore multiplayer shooter with wide open spaces as well as gaming possibilities.
In Deadside you are being immersed into a realistic game play in a grim setting of a post apocalyptic world. It aims to keep the balance between the dynamic of a shooter and a hardcore survival game. The game world does not suggest fantastic elements like zombies or anomalies but focuses the player's attention on realistic aspects of life in the ruins of a dead civilization.
Open world, survival in a post apocalyptic world, real weapons, water borne and above ground transport, crafts, building, anything you need to survive and get an adrenaline rush, you can find it all here in Deadside.

This immersive hardcore shooter just got an upgrade... the Chod's Cheats upgrade! This fully featured internal hack will give you all the tools you need to survive in the wild including state-of-the-art ESP, customisable user interface, and even an aimbot.

With new features being added daily by our development team and an extremely advanced security system, this is not a cheat you want to enter Deadside without!



  • Windows 10 64bit (2004-22H2) / Windows 11 64bit (21H2-22H2)
  • USB Device (needs to show up as removable drive)
  • Discord Overlay On



  • FOV (Slider)
  • Smoothness (Slider)
  • Visibility Check
  • Prediction
  • Distance
  • Crosshair

Player ESP

  • Player
  • Name
  • Box
  • Skeleton
  • Active Weapon
  • Distance


World ESP

  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Meds
  • Wearables
  • Lootboxes
  • Mobs
  • Distance (Slider)
  • Choose body part




   13 of 14 members found this review helpful 13 / 14 members

                                                                                                                                                            ArmorAll's Deadside Review 

ESP: 10/10

For players it works very well, tracking them if they are near you by 400m and under, it has skeleton and box I only use one at a time though works great, the names look clean distinguishing from NPC and player is easy and seeing  witch gun they have makes me know if they're worth killing or not 


Item ESP:  6/10

The item esp can be iffy, i like that they updated some portions of it, for example you can now see lootcrates wich is really nice. The screen can get somewhat cluttered so I only leave some esp items on, for example, (weapons, lootcrates, and sometimes wearables to find bodies) if you would like to see what is in crates just look up and you will see whats inside them If you have all items esp on, the thing i would love to see is body esp  


Aimbot: 5/10

The aimbot works well From a curtain distance, its not that viable with snipers over 200m but it works good over all, I would love to see no sway added, that would make the aimbot much more accurate as the weapon would be stationary along with the current no recoil , Aimbot is not required but it is a nice feature to have when encountering rage cheaters   


Misc: 10/10


The speed works well, i set it up to 3 and speed away, every once in a while you will clip back a bit, but to mediate that just have a couple stops along the way if your traveling long distances, no recoil works well 

Injector and Menu:

As with all other Chod's cheats injecting is simple and fast simply run the program and set delay for injection that simple. The menu looks great and is very easy to navigate, it has three separate tabs with the different segment of cheat (ESP , Misc, Aim)


With time and some effort the cheat can be refined and tuned to resemble a very good cheat, it just needs a couple of minor touch ups, overall i would recommend it to friends,


Response from the author:

I bet you would faggot. Maybe recommend to your friends not to be cheating bitches.

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   7 of 8 members found this review helpful 7 / 8 members

I bought this just to try out the game and mess around, and for that it was great!

The aimbot is ineffective, but that's because there's no real way to account for how bad this game's netcode and hit registration is. It's the game that's bad, not the code.

Anyway, I loved it. 10/10 because I don't use the aimbot, ESP is great!

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   13 of 15 members found this review helpful 13 / 15 members

I've been running with this cheat for some 20 hours now, and here are my points to follow.


The Menu the cheat provides is clean and crisp, it makes it all very easy to understand and has a great layout, the Menu has improved a lot from last year when I used to roll around with the Tarkov cheat, It provides a lot of options to what you want to see and how far you want to start seeing them at, the only suggestion for the menu is to add differing values for loot and players, Sometimes I want to be able to see player further than I want the loot to clog up the screen.


The ESP is great as always Chod's Community has always had one of the greatest ESP systems that I've played with, you can see, loot, players, what's in the players hands and such, it gives you the distance they are at and a great draw for their vision. The only suggestion for the ESP is perhaps a optional ability to turn on what they are wearing like the old Tarkov system had. Other than that it's a quality ESP system as always


The Aimbot is where this cheat hits rock bottom, the options around it are great, you have FOV sliders, smoothers and even a visibility check, the problem comes from the locking on that the cheat attempts to do, the only time it is accurate is when the target is stood still or running in a straight line in front of you. I also often find that some guns make the aimot target just left of their head and II end up missing all of those shots. It's become a lot easier to play with aimbot, the clunky system makes it harder to kill people rather than easier. 


Going forward Deadside is coming out with EasyAnitCheat in its next update and I'm looking forward to seeing improvements to both this cheat and the system it uses, once an update comes along for it I'll update the review to keep it in check.


Tanks for reading,


Response from the author:

Imagine cheating because you are shit at a game. Imagine spending more money on a game to cheat because you are shit.

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   9 of 11 members found this review helpful 9 / 11 members

Esp is clean as well as the UI but that is the norm and to be expected. The aimbot is very inaccurate because of the weapon sway when moving, no recoil helps but it almost isn't noticeable. The speed hack is frustrating because you can't even have it at half max speed without rubber banding back and if you use it for what feels like more than 30 seconds the server teleports you all the way back to when you first activated it. Considering the price Is over DOUBLE from when the cheat first came out with no anticheat (10 GBP to 25 now) I cannot recommend it considering that huge increase in price. Maybe when it is more flushed out and has better improved features but until then you should definitely wait.     

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   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

I feel like I need more time to post a review for this, but until then I will post a small one.


ESP: 10/10

For players it works very well, tracking them if they are near you by 300m or more, and it also has skeleton so you know what is happening. It gives you a huge advantage considering how accurate it actually is, you almost don't even need aim bot. (Hide in bush and spray away lol) 


Item ESP:  6/10

For items I wouldn't say its not good but, items sometimes don't appear until you get into the buildings, item names sometimes appear in the sky.

That being said, the game is very new, and the cheese is still in development. I think waiting to get the cheese is a good idea, because I know how much better

it will get. 


Aimbot: 5/10

I will admit, it was a very rough start for me to get into this cheese because of the many things that the game its self has to fix for aimbot to become even better.

Aimbot has nice features, targets people, you can chose hit box and many other features. Even then when you toggle on the aimbot for head it sometimes goes above it or to the right/left, instead of the head it's self. That being said using a rifle and being in a 100m radius you should be fine as long as your not trying to snipe

from across the map or something.


Misc: 5/10


For misc there is currently just Speed hack, but great news is, it works but I noticed only up to 3 then you get stuck in one place, and also at times I would 

be running around for a minute, then when I am very far, it would return me right back to where I started.


Over all I think this cheese has very good potential and I know it will only get better from here, it just needs time.

As always, thanks for the hard work developers and staff.


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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

I felt powerful using this cheese. Never once did I fear being detected - I put this down to the fact that Chod is the ony provider that produces quality that not only provides best in class hacks but also superior security to the user. 

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

I've been playing for 5 hours and the hack works fine. but i only use esp . play normally
If possible: I hope that "chods-cheats" could create a hack at a cheaper price and can only use ESP
Also, I also hope that in the future the hack can save the settings by itself
Thank you to the person who made this amazing hack

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

I usually never leave review for cheats that I use but I thought this one deserved it after serving me so well.


ESP 4/5: Not much to complaint here, chams look great, skeletons look fluid without any stuttering animation. Currently other players only show up within 400m of yourself and wish there was an option to increase that, especially when the map becomes bigger. Also ESP for dead bodies (at the moment you can toggle wearable to find dead bodies) items like nails, sheet metal, walkie-talkie, etc would be great. Some ESP names are shown as Russian names, probably taken from in-game file.


Aimbot 5/5: Despite most user's experience and review of the aimbot, it's fantastic. What users failed to realize is that, first, the reticle is messed up while crouching (game side issue), so they should never use aimbot while crouched. Also the aimbot, even with prediction turned on, does not take gun's sway in account, so automatic weapons work the best for the aimbot as you have higher chance of hitting the target within a sway circle (when weapon's reticle goes max range left to max range right). I'm having a blast spraying all the fully-geared people with just a MP5 from 100-150m.

UI 3/5: Saved setting, please for the love of all that is holy we need saved setting on this beauty, it will save everyone so much time. 

Additional features: No sway for the guns are much needed to better assist the aimbot. Being able to see players past 400m would be great. Adding player backpack (stalker or not) and few other things on ESP as well. Clip through wall (for just a moment) would be super fun for raiding bases :)

Big kudos to the coders, thank you for this beauty.

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

I spent a month with this cheat, just as Deadside got EAC.

The cheat was overall easy to configure, which was good, because the cheat lacks a config system.

Every time you start the cheat, you will have to setup your settings again.

The ESP was great, and that was not a surprise - it's runs fast too, didn't lose lots of FPS!

During my time using it, the aimbot was unreliable (although this could be the fault of the games hitreg).

This didn't matter to me much though, because with no recoil/endurance setting, it's not hard to get kills.

No recoil/endurance was reliable, didn't have any problems with it.

The Speedhack was reliable under around 2.5 - After that, you start to get rubberbanded.

For the aimbot, you can only use one hitbox at a time, but it doesn't matter much because there's no damage log, so other people can't see how they died.

There's no way to fine tune sliders, and the only way to toggle the ESP is to do so by opening up the menu.

Safety is TOP NOTCH, which is what I love about Chods.

Injection process is easy and crashes were extremely rare (only like once or twice)

I received No ban despite ragehacking!!

At its current price, I was not inclined to rebuy simply due to lack of features, although there's lots of potential here for a solid hack.

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   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

Really good all round cheat most features work great. The aimbot is very poor and hope it could be updated so it is more effective.

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   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

not bad not bad

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I used this cheat in 2021 , I am waiting for its return 10/10 

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overall 4/10

wayy too much $ for what it provides.
ESP 7/10 
Player esp works, item does not. it only shoes you items you can physically see aka: you cant see them though walls

Aimbot 0/10 It doesn't work what so ever. it will aim you in a random directions when you locks onto an enemy and when it doesn't do that it misses every shot no matter the range.

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I have used chods-cheats products from 2019, it is incredibly safe, Deadside is the second product I bought~ EPS is great! I like it!

200 hours of use is still not prohibited~~I recommend everyone to buy!


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Update the aimbot, and possibly add more features other than that 10/10. Paying this every month/shopping for more mods soon

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