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Video Horror Society

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About Video Horror Society


  • Windows 10 64bit (1909-22H2) / Windows 11 64bit (21H2-22H2)
  • USB Device
  • Steam / Epic Games



  • FOV
  • Smoothness
  • Visibility Check
  • Visualize FOV
  • Prediction
  • Bindable key
  • Bone Selection (head, neck, chest, pelvis)
  • Selection Mode (Distance and FOV, Distance, FOV)


Player ESP (Monster / Teen)

  • Box
  • Player Name
  • Distance
  • Health
  • Skeleton
  • Hide Occluded
  • Active Weapon


World ESP

  • Vending Machine:
    • List Drop Chances
    • Show Only If Used
  • Craft Station:
    • Show Only If Used
  • Objects:
    • Loot
    • Locker
    • Projectiles


Other Visuals

  • Crosshair
  • Monster can see you warning



  • Enable Jump (with hotkey, default: space)
  • No Cowering
  • No Subdued
  • Auto Puzzle Solver (for Vending Machines)
  • Auto Skillcheck (with selectable in-game key, default: space)



  • Undetected on EAC



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the game itself is pretty boring but i appreciate the cheat nonetheless ❤️

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- Know if the teens has weapons, although weapon names are technical name from the game files which can be hard to read

- Bone/skeleton feature to show what the character is doing



- Missing or bugged ESPs:

1.  Vending machine/trash cans still shows after it is empty

2. Healing stations and vaults aren't shown

3. Craft station does not show the icon (fire/occult/shock/holy) from far away when playing as the teen, so can't know which signma the station is until closer


-Improvement ideas

1. Save config to avoid manual configuration each time we use the cheese

2. ESP cannot change color, the default blue is hard to read for me

3. While Healing others/self-heal/resurrecting, cannot auto keep in the target zone

4. The auto skill checks/puzzles can be toggled to auto complete, but the skill checks aren't great (+250 with speed boost)always, sometimes it is good (+200 with no speed boost), I've seen other VHS hacks yielding a great result instantly right after the qte prompt appears

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Its pretty good except that the cheat crashes after 20 - 30 min of gameplay, missing some key features like more auto mini games etc

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The best cheat ever, very smooth, serious security, and no software problems.

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