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Battlefield 2042

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£29.99/month incl. VAT

About Battlefield 2042


  • 64bit Windows 10 (1909-21H2)
  • USB Device (needs to show up as removable drive)
  • Origin/Steam
  • Trial version supported

This cheat is actively being developed and new features are added frequently!



  • FOV slider
  • FOV visibility
  • Draw FOV
  • Customizable smoothness
  • Visibility check
  • Customizable aimkey
  • Hitbox selection
  • Customizable prediction
  • Target players in vehicles
  • Target lock

Player ESP

  • Player
  • Boxes
  • Distance
  • Names
  • Highlight team
  • Health
  • Players in vehicles
  • Snap lines
  • Visibility check
  • Exclude teammates
  • Skeleton
  • Draw aim direction
  • Hitbox

Vehicle ESP

  • Names
  • Boxes
  • Distance

Supply Crate ESP

  • Names
  • Distance


  • No-sway
  • Prediction curve esp
  • RCS (Recoil Control System)



  • Undetected on EAC


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                                                                                                                          ArmorAll's Battlefield 2042 Review 

Please keep in mind that this is a [BETA] product

this product came out pretty quick so there was a couple of bugs towards the beginning with ESP not working correctly as of the time of this post they have fixed those issues and added some new features and may change in the future 

ESP: 8.5/10  

ESP is working good after the latest patch and is displaying all enemies within a 300m range as if now only comes with BOX/Health/Name/tracer lines had one time were it did not display players for about 5 seconds and then came back hence not the perfect 10 but it is still working solid besides one hiccup and tracer lines sometimes showing up when player is not visible (supposed to be vis check) not a big deal though.

Misc: 10/10

No Sway: Works as advertised good for sniping 


As if right now it is only ESP, there is no aimbot, no recoil ect. There is also no menu for it as there is no need for basic features. hopefully they keep this product for when it launches and add all the goodies, it has a lot of potential. I would recommend this product 


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