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  1. I am brazilian and if still a reseller DM me

  2. I would like to apply as a reseller of Chods Cheats
    Location: Brazil
    I'm active in multiple big cheating related forum.
    I would like to be a reseller as I'm certain in my ability to advertise and get sales im Brazil.
    I already sold CS Go cheats.
    how I will be selling the product
    how and where I will advertise
    basic branding concept
    feel free to contact me for a more in-depth version.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you will give me the opportunity to prove myself.
  3. Thank you for everyone who participated and created this story!
  4. Yeah that would be awesome. I would deffo buy one
  5. Faceless you rich or something? Im here broke af
  6. Hello Jason, We have no plans yet for that but if we did it would of been invite only. Regards
  7. Zenaku


    Hmm glow! i might want that in my name.
  8. Great Video Blub! Welcome to the team Kind Regards
  9. Just uploaded a photo that you requested on my ticket.

  10. Im here to be a video editor

    1. Zenaku


      Please pm your previous works that you have done before

  11. Sorry.


    you have the discord group?