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  1. Hey i was wandering what the best way to use the aimbot for tarkov is just the head or have all selected? or only a few options?? I feel like sometimes the aimbot spazzes out and ends up locking on next to them rather then onto them. thanks for any help or tips
  2. just posted one hope it helps
  3. Ive used this for one day lowkey just esp and im banned well fuck my life...
  4. Hey guys im a super newbie just bought this today figured out how to launch and inject but idk how to control it like the radar pops up on my screen but idk how to change the mods any help sorry im new lol
  5. when i get paid ill try it out
  6. Yea normally i minimize cheating and make it look semi legit
  7. How often do you guys get banned or have you not been banned at all im intersted in cheating i used to have a jailbroken ps3 and it was so much fun but i do not wanna get banned.