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  1. Thanks guys for the update. They are always appreciated. Sorry to hear stuff went south so fast. Shit happens though. We all know that. I hope it all gets squared away again soon
  2. So, I cant even see the chatbox now?
  3. So, even though we have time left on our cheat, we are not considered customers? That seems odd. If I have my money in a bank I am still a customer even if their ATM system is down...
  4. Kinda off topic, but the website is broken for me today. Just a box with a big ! in it but nothing else.
  5. Man, I hope you are right. Even if it is just as basic as Loot ESP. That would help a ton with the new map for Tarkov! /crosses fingers.
  6. Meh, not like I have to sit and stare at the UI. I just thought you guys had said this round was going to be more customizable is all.
  7. Man, I hope we can change the colors. That color (to me) is hideous. Looking forward to the full release.
  8. Thank you for the updates. We look forward to the new engine. I hope it enables you to fix the broken stuff much faster. Keep up the good work!
  9. Yeah, oddly enough, in EFT I can take in game screen shots using print screen and nothing from the cheat shows up. Not the radar, the water mark or skeletons.
  10. The cheat does not show up in Screen Shots. Just saying.
  11. The loot filter, prior to the new additions, never had the ability to remove items from it. You could click remove, but it would still show up that raid. It would still show up every raid. You would have to clear the entire filter and start again. When you add something to the filter, it does not get moved from the left to the right, it only gets added to the right. There is no way to sort the list on the left. The item names do not match the filter names. Some items are in Russian, I am pretty sure the majority of the users do not speak Russian. You can't use the scroll bar to scroll you have to mouse wheel up and down. All of that pretty much adds up to "not working properly." Now your opinion may differ on what constitutes working properly but I stand by what I said.
  12. 1. Loot filter has never worked properly. It has gotten worse, but it has never worked the way it should. 2. Yes, you were the one that told me about that, but as I said, that was well after the fact and never communicated to me in any way other than you telling me that in a PM. So, I have no idea if it is true or not other than your word, which I chose to believe. I am pretty sure I put in quite a few of the suggestions. Not sure though. I will check later and add some.
  13. So, I have been using Chod's Cheese for Escape from Tarkov now for about 15 months. I would say 1 month of that has been free as compensated down time. Initial/Subsequent purchases: 2/10 The initial purchase was problematic. Going through support was a real pain in the tail. Later on I tried to buy another 6 month subscription and one of the mods that was helping me basically told me that if I did not like the way I had to really struggle to pay them, then I should keep my money. What? Seriously? I am trying my best to pay you, and your reply is I should probably keep my money. I wound up having to go through a reseller because the purchase was just too difficult from the website itself and staff were beyond not helpful. Will not be purchasing again. Loot Filter: 2/10 The loot filter is all but worthless. If you use the search function it breaks it. Instead you have to scroll up and down up and down looking for what you want. The preset filters leave so much crap behind they are worthless. The range is nice but trying to get it to fade out at a distance is worthless. Removing an item from the list does nothing as it will still show up in the ESP. Aimbot: 3/10 This was rated a 3 because while it works great sometimes, sometimes it is the sole reason you will die. While using it sometimes it will randomly flick away from your target HARD. You will aim at them and as soon as you get close, the crosshairs are tossed out and up hard. If you do not quickly toggle aimbot off you will die. If a target is more than 50 meters from you and running left or right you will not hit them. The only targets you are going to hit are ones running towards you or ones stationary. You know, the ones you won't need aimbot for any way. The only saving grace is the no recoil and no spread options, that is if they are not disabled. Player ESP: 9/10 Player ESP is probably the best thing in this cheat and honestly the easiest one to keep updated. The options are numerous and they work great. Hell they work better than Tarkov does itself. I have been watching two guys about to engage each other, I see one stand up and then the other skeleton disappears, then about two seconds later I hear the gunfire and hear the player die. EFT desynced but Chod's told me when the dude really died. The only reason the Player ESP did not get a 10/10 was because I cannot get the fade to work correctly. I have tried and tried. I would like to fade out people that are further than 300m and have them slowly fade in full at 200m but I can't get the fade to work at all. Loot ESP: 6/10 The loot esp is pretty good except that the most important feature is garbage (see loot filter). I actually got the fade to work partially on this. So that is why it goes up some. A large amount of the items need to be renamed in the filter. There is no reason to be feeding us Russian Text, or super weird names for things. No matter what the items are called in the game files, they can be renamed before being fed to us. The filter REALLY needs to be fixed. Misc Features: 2/10 A lot of features have been removed since I made the first purchase. At some point I think we were given some sort of 15 days free as compensation for the removal of a huge amount of features. I am not really sure though as that was never relayed to me until much later. (This was relayed through the Cheat Update portion of the website) The list of items in the misc features is probably half or less than what it was when I first bought. However, as I understand most if not all of these were removed for safety reasons and I appreciate that. Skyhack is pretty good. No clue why we need LSD mode, never used it. Speedboost, not ever going to use it, but great to have it. NightVision, ok but I wish we had the blue version, or even the version where we act as our own light source (hint hint). No Visior, ok if you know you have to activate it, then activate night vision then turn night vision off to get it to actually work, would be nice if it just worked by checking it. Ammo counter is worthless. I go in with a 100 round mag, full, it tells me I have 3/60 What?!?!?! Long arms, worthless I have not been able to get this to work. Loot through walls, worthless, have not been able to get this to work. Fast Reload, works great, just worried about the safety of this one if someone watches a replay. Safety/Security: 10/10 So, in the 15 months I have been using this, I have only had one account banned. That was right before the 1,000+ Chod's users got banned. I was flying around (another removed feature) and was banging on the ceiling which I think triggered the ban. 100% my own fault for flying around Interchange like I was Super Man. I still run around aim botting (when it works), wiping whole maps, K/D of 20+ with no sweat, and no worries about getting my EOD banned. I don't use stuff like Auto-Unlocker, Speed Hack or any of the "super obvious" stuff, but I don't have a problem using 90% of the features. Sure it goes down, a LOT. Sure we all wish it could get put back up on weekends or late night "our" times, but in the long run keeping our accounts seems to be a top priority for Chod. Suggestions: Set up list of console commands somewhere and sticky it. Improve the default loot filters. Make changing colors and fade and fade distance a LOT easier Don't implement features until they work and work correctly. Fix the features the cheat has that do not work (ie loot filters, bullet count, aimbot that flicks AWAY from target, etc etc) Overall Weighted: 4/10 So, this was the very first cheat I have ever used. I had never even used cheat engine on single player games. Now, I had used like cheat codes for single player games and such, but this was my first bought cheat. I think the community here for the most part is great. The first year or so I was here most of the admins/mods were super cool and super helpful. Now, not so much. Chod himself has been super outstanding in my few dealings with him. The cheat has its up and its downs but overall I am not satisfied with the experience with Chod's. I know other cheats might be better and I know other cheats are definitely worse, but I think for what it is, it could be significantly better.