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  1. We have seen no detection, but some people have gotten banned because they where reported. So if you play safe, your chances of getting banned are low. EFT also does not use HWID or IP banning, so you should be good on that account.
  2. We need a Minecraft cheat but their anti-cheat might be too good. (Edit no I voted for BF5)
  3. -1 to many tags

    1. Faceless


      -1 not enough tags

    2. krakenz


      to true

  4. Thanks for the review, if you want more cheats Chod needs more coders.
  5. For CS GO also if you only play two or three games a day you are much less likely to get overwatched banned. Also, do not play on Casual or tdm because reports on there count towards your overwatch chance. Steps are nice to have on for ESP.
  6. That no longer works and might be removed next cheat update unless fixed it's now on the server side for looting. RIP easy loot
  7. They can't tell if it's a bot or player right now but thanks for the review.
  8. Thanks for giving a piece of your mind.
  9. Where is the best place to get cheap reliable preferably already ranks csgo United States or non region locked accounts? Thanks
  10. 这不再有效,它在上次更新中得到修复 This no longer works it was fix in the last update.