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  1. Hi. Im really looking forward an option to purchase the cheats for less amount than one month. Most of the games, im not gonna play for a month straight. A week subscription would be nice. I understand that you earn less this way, but i also wouldnt mind paying the amount if i knew i was gonna play the entire subscription. One way of doing this could be maybe allowing the weekly subscription once a month, such that people can consider if worth paying monthly sub or maybe they are good with one week.
  2. Bruh, take a look around for evidence. Yes, of course there will be cheaters willing to pay for a cheat, but ever since BE, the supply doesnt really meet the demand. You can make BE cheats, but its very hard to keep them undetected. There is no point in playing for 3 days and getting a ban in a game like EFT, which is about as good as a situation you are gonna get atm. You can make your own cheat and bypass BE and that is your best bet atm for stable EFT cheating. If Chod could get the cheat online, reliably, he would have already done so. In fact he already tried, 2 times, and it failed. Not bashing Chod, its just reality. He could probably supply a cheat for a closed circle of 100 cheaters, but the community is just too big for the current methods. Perhaps Chod is working on something. After all, mods have been saying so, but my confidence in the result is very faint. Also, i never claimed to speak for the community. When i suggest games, it should be common sense, without the need of an explicit statement, that they are my preferance.
  3. Chod has probably halted the development of EFT cheats. He should honestly do other games to keep up his business. BF games are easy to hack and would take him a week max (overestimating). He could do the Miscreated as nobody makes cheats for that game, granted also not many ppl play it, but it would still be fun. Chod could try making Cod cheats, etc. People are moving away from EFT cheating, and only way worth doing it right now is making your own EFT cheat, which will take years if you start from scratch.
  4. Its looking grim. No updates from devs. But i think they will come out with something.
  5. Yeah, i sort of know that. ESP isnt exactly an exploit, so if its detected, the whole cheat is detected.
  6. Yeah sure, people from EFT reddit are here, non cheaters even, but without BE, BSG stood no chance. I reckon, BE is watching Chods like bunch of hawks.
  7. Doubt there are BSG snakes, but BE for sure. When BE wasnt on EFT, BSG couldnt bother to detect chods (probably didnt have the skills). Lets hope chod figures this out.
  8. Not a cheat developer so i dont know, but if it would help to have lower detection, i would totally need only ESP cheat (items+players). Thats all you need. I have been playing now without cheats, and its very fun and thrilling, but i dont do much looting at all because its really hard to find the right items and looting gets me killed most often. If ESP only was available, i would prefer it.
  9. Yeah, nice idea. But there isnt going to be any EFT cheat if they cant manage to keep it undetected from BE.
  10. Jesus, this "In Chods we trust" shit is cringy af. Dont get me wrong, i REALLY want Chod to get EFT hack back on its legs, but he is literally just human, and even then outnumbered by a whole AC company. Higher you set your expectations, the more disappointing it will feel if the cheat comes out.
  11. Game: Miscreated Engine: Cryengine AC: EAC (if i remember correctly) I dont play it anymore but i did some time ago. Not sure if the game is still alive, but i remember i really wanted a cheat in that game, searched everywhere, but it doesnt exist. A simple ESP to find items would be great. Aimbot would be superb.
  12. I think you are a bit wrong here. As far as im aware, making cheats is Chods dayjob. He does do it for money, but that said he doesnt prioritise making money. Quality comes first, and its great having a provider realise that a trusting customer is the best customer. I also think that EFT is a big hurdle to overcome. BE is a whole company, Chod is one guy (working on EFT), and a whole lot of eyes on him.
  13. Im glad i was able to be part of the golden age of EFT cheating before this whole BE shit went down. Many great memories, countless hours spent ingame smoking tanked players with 2 shots with a pistol. I agree with OP, things wont be the same. No more 18 months of undetected cheat. Also the price has increased a lot. Even if Chod manages to get past BE, im worried about their AI which, as somebody mentioned above, can detect abnormalities in players. The best way to cheat now days is to make your own cheats. That takes a lot of time and dedication, even if you already know C++ or the likes of it. That way you may implement your own AC bypass, or whatever, i dont know how its done really, i have just been following UC community. Good luck with EFT Chod. I will stick around in case you release a cheat for CSGO or maybe some lother game.
  14. I dont know much about how BE detects the cheats, but i think the trusted system is the best way to go. First off, have people verify their identity, with some card or bill, just like Platinum Cheats (RIP) did for their CS GO cheat. Also limit the slots or make it trusted only. People who have been around for a while. This is nowhere near 100% proof but its better than currently. The price is also very high, and i dont know if thats because of BE or because of the features. But i for one cannot afford it and i dont think im alone there. Maybe release some lite version with ESP and aimbot, no recoil and autounlock (the most basic features) for cheaper, but again i think the price is driven by the fact that the cheat attempts to bypass BE.
  15. I dont know much about anticheats, but if BE has a special focus on you guys, you are screwed. The days of EFT cheat remaining undetected for over half a year are over. I believe the better option is to give the cheats out to trusted people. I know i arent among them, but its sad to see cheating die. Fuck the straight shooters. Cheating 4 life. Good luck Chod. Edit: Also, EFT cheat costs now more than double it did previously. I cannot afford to sub to it every month like i did before. I never play EFT without cheats, as the game is an endless grind, and cheating makes things more fun.