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  1. guys its just a cat and mouse game.. totally normal. You are at risk if you cheating. Deal with it, it will never gets UD for lifetime. Thats said, the good times are over. For good. They where way to many hackers and im a hacker. Was not fun...
  2. Performance: Not much to say here other than it barely drops fps, if it even does. I have my game caps to 60, and I only see it dip when I play on shoreline, because thats shoreline. 10/10 sorry but that is not objective^^
  3. I'm wondering about this issue, just got the cheat but now i'm afraid to use and get banned hehehe this thread is older then my granny you can use the hack without any probs
  4. i trolled some other cheaters (german)
  5. its a good cheat, nice features and all.
  6. yeah its fucking expensive.
  7. yes, i think its the right slider by visuals. the left one is for items and such.
  8. If you pay with Credit Card or Paypal, it will automaticly paid in the requirered currency.
  9. Hey, who would like to see a Fortnite Hack? I think it could be great :-) Has Battle-Eye as protection, so i think it would be invite only?
  10. in the past i bought razer only, but i think the quality is less good then a few years back. Im with Corsair.