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  1. Just bought 2 CS Complete accounts from Lerox. It went smooth and easy!
  2. Erbhy

    Eve Isk

    Oh. I thought it was something related to CS...
  3. Erbhy

    Eve Isk

    What the heck is "eve isk?"
  4. We can't write on your profile, due to your privacy settings.
  5. Hey Lerox, I wrote to you on skype, but you haven't answered yet. Do you still have any accounts available at the price of 6€?
  6. Supreme Danish masterrace.
  7. Welcome to Chods, enjoy your stay.
  8. about 1 obvious cheater in every second-third game.
  9. Just let Mike do it. Also welcome!
  10. hehe xxhoponxx hltv confirmed chaps cheit gta v4
  11. Welcome to Chods. Enjoy your stay. Nice to see a member selling cheap accounts again.
  12. Not by Overwatch. But the reports you get in Casual/DM/Arms Race will count in with the number of reports given in Competitive matches, so your chance of getting overwatched increases. Correct me if I am wrong.
  13. Best thread ever created. Retard :rolleyes:
  14. Press "insert" on your keyboard. Next time, create your own thread. Also, welcome Amos! Enjoy your stay :-)
  15. This is bullshit. Another shitty survey site, just to make a few bucks. I fucking hate stuff like this...
  16. Welcome to Chods I guess :rolleyes:
  17. Erbhy


    And now he sucks even more, when the AWP got this shit nerf...
  18. When a user gets banned for cheating in the Overwatch system, the ban will turn into a VAC ban in the following days. Johnw's case is a perfect example, where his profile is showing a VAC ban, but ingame it is showing he got Overwatched. Prove me wrong, and I will lay before your knees.
  19. Overwatch turns into a VAC ban. This has nothing to do with the cheat being detected, but rather you not being able to hide your cheats.
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