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  1. Can we get an option to shitlist all the crybabies in here in every cheat, so when we see them, our cheats teleport to them and aimbot the F outta them? give them a special pink color in game too, so we know it's them. Keep up the good work. I haven't been a member for some time, mainly because eac spoofers do a crap job, but many of you'll see my tips in the dead by daylight section on how to mess around with certain options.
  2. Is looking to become a new Dead by Daylight type-a-game.
  3. Name of game: Anarea Anticheat: None now (BE planned) Why: Because it's new and very hyped. It's considered the new h1z1 and currently has 5k players. It just launched 2 hours ago. CE can be used, and already have unlimited ammo myself and speed. Things you can do are so fun.
  4. Nosey

    Mordhau Cheat

    current options provided by different providers are autoblock, autofeint, autokick, theres multiple macro options available. An aimbot is working nice for bows but you'd need predictions. Most don't have it yet. But those are the most common options.
  5. i bet the hackers missed you to, they like easy kills xd
  6. Here are some fast intros that you are free to use for your videos. They are small in size and length. Because I think chod's is awesome and provide great content and cheese and I like cheese. Intro 1 download: AV: Intro 2 download: AV: Intro 3: Download: AV: Intro 4 Download: AV:
  7. Sadly that's not possible, H1Z1 is invite only. ohh damn
  8. May the best man win! Hopefully i'll win the h1z1 version.
  9. Nosey


    Enjoy your stay here. I bet you'll be a long time member.
  10. I bet you're already dominating the ETF leaderboards :P
  11. Nosey

    Hi Guys

    Welcome and interesting you have a console cheating history. Never thought that was possible unless using jailbroken ones.
  12. Something tells me you like zombii's:P but no zombie games played?
  13. never too old for an introduction:)
  14. Wilkommen auf chod's welcome:)