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  1. Welcome. You'll love it here.
  2. Hahahaha, love the ending ;). Thanks for the review! Glad you like it here. Enjoy your stay. Zuppy
  3. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like. Regards, Zuppy
  4. Fortnite (even though no hacks), COD, and definitely CSGO. Lol.
  5. Zuppy


    Welcome, Enjoy your stay
  6. Welcome to the community/family. I hope you enjoy your stay. Zuppy
  7. Welcome to Chod's, Enjoy your stay!
  8. Welcome to Chods! Enjoy your stay. Zuppy
  9. Welcome back, Glad to have ya. Zuppy!
  10. Hi there, That would mean that you get 2 months! Thank you, Zuppy!
  11. It is not 100% guaranteed as we are still on the testing stages. Thank you, Zuppy.
  12. Hi there. We have implemented a fix for Windows 7 to run the cheat. Thank you, Zuppy
  13. I will. Show you. Da whey. Nice meme, 10/10.
  14. Hi there, Q: Why Invite Only? How do i get invited to the VIP cheats? A: We have made a new policy that our VIP cheats are invite only due to security breach and to keep our cheat safe for our premium users. To get invited you will need to: Be active on forums Be active on discord Contribute to Chods-Cheats Thank you, Zuppy