• Injection Guide

    In this thread, we'll follow you through the injection process.
    Please make sure you did read this guide already:


    • After you bought a cheat, download the client in the member panel.
    • Put the client on your usb stick.
    • Start the client as administrator, log in using your e-mail adress and password from the website.
    • Now you can decide if you want to use our HWID spoofer or not. (If yes, follow this guide: https://chods-cheats.com/guides/nongame/hardware-id-spoofer-r13/
    • Click on the cheat you want to use in the left tab. You can now see your remaining time and the current status.
    • Click on Launch and wait for the confirmation message. The client will close itself afterwards. NEVER start the game if the cheat client is still open!
    • Start the game and wait up to 60 seconds in the main menu.
    • Press Insert to open/close the cheat menu.

    Important: Always make sure that the client is closed before you start the game!

    Always restart your PC after using our cheats!
    The Spoofer only works for the games we offer cheats for!
    If a cheat is currently not [Undetected], do not use our Spoofer for this game.

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