• Startup
    Download the client from Member Area, move it to the USB.

    Read the Startup guide.


    To cheat you first need a USB like mentioned above.


    • Close steam
    • Login to the member panel, and click "Launch client" to download the client, remember to save to your USB drive.
    • Start the client from your USB. If you get any errors please check the Problems and solutions thread if you don't get any errors just proceed.
    • Enter your username, and password (Remember both are case sensitive) and click login.
    • Select a cheat.
    • Press the Launch button, the client will now load the cheat.
    • the usb will auto eject now.
    • Start steam/Game launcher with admin. (right click and click "Start as administrator")
    • Start the game. (There will be a small delay before the cheat appears/works)
    • Press the "insert" key on your keyboard to open up the cheat menu to configure the cheat. ( In some cases you may need to be alive or have the pause menu open first.)

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