• Introduction
    Hello, and welcome to Chod's cheats!
    In this thread, we'll follow you through using the cheat for your first time and onwards.

    There's not much setup needed, but I'll guide you through what you need to do.


    1. Go to Member Area and click on "Download Client".
    2. Start Discord as administrator and make sure the discord overlay is enabled. A tutorial on how to do this can be found HERE .
    3. Put the client on a removable usb stick and start it as administrator.
    4. Log in using your website credentials.
    5. Click on the Rust picture on the left side, then click on the "Launch" button.
    6. Wait for the client to close.
    7. Start the game and wait 60 seconds in the main menu until the menu appears.
    8. You can open and close the menu with the "insert" key.

    Have fun :)

    Restart your PC when you are done with using the cheat