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Questions regarding Source


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Hi guys!

I just wanna ask a few questions about the Source cheat.

1. Are updates to the CS: GO VAC system seperate from Source? For example, lets say GO implemented a HWID ban system, would this also apply to Source?

2. When was the last detection for the Source cheat, and is it currently fully SMAC proof(except bhop)?

3. When the cheats for GO go down, would it also apply to Source?

4. I heard rumors about people getting banned for weird reasons on Reddit, like not cheating and getting banned.. etc. If this were true, would it also apply to Source?

5. Is the CSS aimbot as good as the GO one? Another provider I used had a good GO aimbot but a less powerful Source aimbot, like it felt weird using it.. sometimes the aim would go crazy for no reason. Does this happen to Source?


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1. Well they're seperate if it's only something like their MM untrusted system. VAC updates themselves applies to all games of course.

2. I would believe we had a partial detection of the CSS cheat on the 16th May. Everything should be SMAC proof, except obvious features like triggerseed, and bhop.

3. That would only apply if we got a global VAC detection.

4. AFAIK Those are related to VAC, and some of their detection methods so yes.

5. I would say it's better , or same quality. our aimbot doesn't suddenly go weird.

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