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faceit ud?

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Well hello!

I think I'm gonna buying this cheats but some questions before i buy it.

1. I wanna play faceit for free users u know, i won't play premium matches. So will this cheat work to bypass the anticheat?
2. Are on faceit working all functions of hack (aimbot,wh,..)
3. Last detected by all anticheats?

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1) We support the the server-side anticheat but not the client
2) WH is limited (just the way faceit has their server-side settings, nothing anyone can do about it), aimbot works but you have to be careful and have curve on. There are some features that will get you banned quickly, such as bhop.
3) We dont have a history with faceit because we've only supported the server-sided anti cheat (and thus have never been really 'detected' by them). Here is our VAC/CSGO history, taken from the Pre-Sale / Post-Sale FAQ page:

VAC detections:

January, 2014.

15th March, 2014.

30th June, 2014.

23rd September, 2014.

12th June, 2015.

CS:GO MM/untrusted detections:

25th March, 2014.

16th May, 2014.

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My pleasure, and welcome to Chod's! We hope you enjoy your stay :) 

Just remember to read all the rules, important links thread, and common problems and solutions thread!

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