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Coders Wanted

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We are looking to hire a coder to develop cheats, fix bugs, and work on various projects as they come along.

This person must:

  • Be a strong programmer with at least 3 years programming experience with C++
  • Have strong reverse engineering skills using tools such as IDA, OllyDBG. x64_dbg etc.
  • Be able to show examples of their work
  • Have experience writing cheats for games
  • Be able to work with others
  • Must be trustworthy and have somebody to vouch for you.

Desirable skills:
  • Have experience using SVN

What will you get:
  • You will earn a percentage of sales for the cheats you have created (percentage will be discussed in person and is based on experience). Typically this could be several thousand per month
  • You will be part of the Chod's Cheats team, have access to our private Discord, have access to the staff area of the website etc.
  • Be able to put this on your CV/resume as having worked for a UK software business.
  • Unlimited access to all the cheats including development builds
  • You will be taught any skills you don't already know

How to apply:
Either PM me directly or reply to this post. Information I want to know:
  • Age
  • Location
  • Full name
  • Experience (as above)
  • Links to examples of your work (e.g. github or an uploaded source code)
  • Any relevant references
  • Any other relevant information
  • Why you think you'd be good for this job
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Age: 17
Location: Latvia
Full Name: Ruslans Vējonis
Experience: I know the sources engine well, have experience with IDA Disassembler and Olly Debugger, strong in protecting cheats from cracking and well do visual functions, also i coded cheats for Last Man Standing (F2P Game), HL2 (Singleplayer), TF2, CS:GO, GMOD, and ARK.
Example Project - https://github.com/RH4K0R/Perfect-UI (GUI Lib)
I Want Join Chod's cheats project because i have a lot of free time and like coding.

Screen of my project using same gui lib in attachment, i think you remember this design 


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  • Age: 16
  • Location: United States
  • Full name: PM me for this
  • Experience (as above): Coding for four years. All in C++ except a little python when I started out. Haven't done anything on a professional level but I started game hacking in December of 2015. I made cheats for CSGO first and then moved onto other games such as WarZ, L4D2, PUBG, and Rust then came back to CSGO because it started to get interesting again with random shit and exploits that were fun. For CSGO I coded a random internal with basic features but I also made an external LAN type cheat that worked on ESEA and other major 3rd party matchmaking services.
  • Links to examples of your work (e.g. github or an uploaded source code): PM for this I can send you some private projects I have.
  • Any relevant references: None, the only time I have worked with another person (who only pasted) he leaked the code and quick after a week. So after that, I only worked by myself because this community doesn't seem to have the nicest people willing to "help you".
  • Any other relevant information: Lots of free time to work on this other than having a job on the weekends where I work 10AM-4PM. I can work in team environments very well as I have worked on things other then cheats at my school. Like programming stuff for robotics etc. I have lots of experience with IDA
  • Why you think you'd be good for this job: You guys don't have an external CSGO cheat or a L4D2 cheat at all. I feel like I could expand the marketplace with cheats for random games which I think customers would love.  From the last application, I made I have gained a lot of knowledge about game hacking and coding in general. Also, I think it would be really fun to work on the CSGO recode with you guys. :)

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