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bans shared by mobile (not sure if right thread)

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first of all i would like to clarify that i am sorry if this isn't the right thread to post this question 

i am considering buying the csgo cheat but i am worried what happens in case of a ban (i have 2 accs on the same mobile) i read that if u get banned on the one u get banned on the other as well.So i was wondering is there any way of preventing this(like disabling mobile steam guard on the one) ?I am really into buying this cheat after researching a lot but the possibility of 2 accs down the drain in case of detection is really pulling me back.Thanks for any responses in advance 

p.s if this is the wrong thread i would be really thankfull if an admin placed it on the right one ty 

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Yes, if they are connected to the same phone they will both get banned if one does. You can prevent this by making sure neither of them have the same phone number, email or are connect by family sharing. Also, the cheat hasn't been detected for soon to be two years.

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