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Just A Few Questions

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1- What are the Anti Aims the cheat has?

2- How "smooth" is the cheat? (if i run csgo at 200 on high, roughly how much does chodes impact performance)

3- Do you need a USB for injecting and if so, is it just a log in or do you need a pc restart like f**king Unity?

4- Target Selection options?

5- If i am gonna stream, what do i need to do to use walls and have it not show up? Is it just a button or something?

6- Is the legit aimbot "sticky"?


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None, Down, Up, Fakedown (fakelag), Twitch, Zero, Emotion

None, Behind, Spin, Fake Spin, Twitch, Lag Twitch, Jitter, Fake Left, Fake Right, Fake Behind, Fake Forward, Behind Fake Jitter
And a upcoming Yaw: Fake Jitter

2. It does take a decent amount of resources. Unfortunately. But we do try to improve it.

3. Yes you need a USB for injection. No patchguard, no messing with DEP. (Unless you messed with it already)


You need the stream proof version, and need to inject prior to the streaming software (Or disable the scene until injected)
Certain esp features like recoloring of walls are not supported for streaming. Chams do work when streaming.

6. I wouldn't say so, we have non-sticky aim and a threshold for that. But I think it's better that a customer replies to that.

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