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Honest Review Of Chods-Cheats for CSGO

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I used chods last year, and i didn't like it at all. however i'd proudly say after coming back to chods a year later, i'm very impressed of what it has to offer, the rage is amazing, ive beaten aimware pu and all those other cheats, and ive even witnessed @lex tapping skeet with it.  i can see loads of potential within this cheat, and i hope it matches up to it. @Chod @Emiiru for amazing support and an amazing cheat they have developed.

Overall this cheat is 10x better than most p2c's, the price of this cheat is amazing at only 10GBP!!!! where as most other cheats you'd be spending 20 for a month.

I would like to see within this cheat, new antiaims as they are very few however they are great, 

AA suggestions:
a fake side with a flip of both 90, -90 and as a real perhaps a back jitter at a small range
a 180 fake jitter
a jitter with a custom jitter range allowing users to chose the range



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