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payment issue


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"How long does it take to get activated?

Activations are automatic, except bitpay.

Please PM Emiiru with the bitpay invoice url you get on your email when you pay with bitpay, and what subscription.

When using e-checks there is an delay of up to 5 work days. This is not within our control."
I purchaces with my card like 2 hours ago and its " Your payment has been received but will need to be approved by our staff. "

which one is it? automatic or needs to be activated? 

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Once, you've triggered a HWID error. You should be able to request a reset from the member area. Once you've request a reset from the member area, a ticket is automatically created for a HWID reset.

Since you aren't receiving an option to reset your HWID, perhaps you can manually create a support ticket, and I might then have the ability to reset your HWID.

Please go ahead and create a support ticket.

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