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Battlefield 1 Cheat

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After a week or so trying the cheat, here is what I have to say.

I am currently trying out cheats from 3 different suppliers, lets call then A, X and Chod's Cheats so I am going to compare them.

A and X are much more stable, Chod's unfortunately still has it's issues.
 - Chod crashes for me sometimes when I mount an AA or tank gun.
 - Chod crashes most of the time when the game ends.
 - I did not encounter any crashes on the other cheats

Chod's Cheats has a better set of features
 - Vehicle ESP names and box are just awesome.
 - A and X show vehicles as a bounding box, can't tell if they are friendly unmanned or enemy.
 - Aim is much better on Chod's.
 - X has a really cool feature that show invisible enemies in yellow and visible in red bounding box, I would love for this to be implemented.

Chod's Cheat performs much much MUCH better the other two.

So, seeing that the minor issues with Chod's will be most certainly fixed, this is the one that I am going to keep.

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pressed return by accident
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11 hours ago, Emiiru said:

It should use visibility for ESP colors, unless you tick "visible only"
Is this not the chase?

I tried that, but it does not render the bounding box, and when visible only is unticked it renders all bounding boxed red (except vehicles) Edited by philhxc

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