paying methods, EAC, how it works

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hi, i'm thinking about buying the cheat, but i have a few questions

1. which paying methods are available?
2. what is the EAC (easy anti cheat)? i would only use it in cs go ranked matchmaking, is it necessary? i dont really understand this.
3. how does it work? i mean, what do I have to do to make it work? i've used artificialaiming for Rust, and was quite annoying... had to install a loader, plus had to do like a new user in windows with something hacked (kernel maybe? dunno...)... does this work the same way? i read something about a usb in another thread. would like to know about this before buying.
4. I will use it in a smurf steam account. What are the chances of getting my main account banned? Do i need to use a VPN to avoid this? In Rust they banned my smurf, and my main got banned too, even though i didnt use cheats on it.


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1. Credit/Debit card (stripe), BTC, skins (skfpay)
2. It is an anti cheat for unofficial csgo servers, you do not need it for MM.
3. DEP needs to be set to the default windows value, needs to be launched from a USB, requires 64bit windows. I guess for csgo it also requires multicore rendering.
4. That shouldn't happen unless you linked the accounts ie phone number, or you inject on your main.

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1 minute ago, jacho981 said:

Is it hard to set dep default? Dont know even what it is


It's a command you do via cmd, once. like said, the default value is correct, however some cheat providers change it so need to set it back.

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thx bro. so I need no VPN no protect my main? great. is there any special task i should do before going from smurf to the main account? or just exit cheat, close CS, change user on steam, and that's it? safe?

thx again

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