The best CSGO cheat I've ever used

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I'm something of a connoisseur of CSGO cheats. I've dabbled with them since 2003, over multiple versions of Counter Strike. Some of you probably weren't even born then, and you'll never know the struggle with creating vecs to get an edge on another cheater. 

This cheat is truly the next generation of cheats. The interface is smooth, polished, and spectacular with Windows Metro style boxes/icons. You can achieve many scripting-like functions without scripting. Before people complained Chods cheat was too complex to setup or master. Not anymore. It's presentation and functionality reminds me of Apple's products--it just works and its easy to configure. The RCS curve options and all the legitimate/humanize options provide unparalleled flexibility. If you like to tinker with a cheat, there's plenty of customization options. If you just want something that "works" with little effort, this is it (see the config file streaming below). Every feature I tried worked perfectly, whether it's setting a wall hack toggle to a key, customizing what esp information appears, or fine tuning the aimbot. The font sizes, the presentation, the reliability, everything is 100%. I can't remember the last time I didn't want to change something about a cheat.

And you never need to touch a config file! Config files are streamed from this website. You "follow" people on this site and then see their config's inside the cheat. You can switch, in a matter of seconds, to multiple configs for testing. You can edit the settings of someone else's config and save it in your account. 

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