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Testimonial from someone new in the cheating scene

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I am fairly new to the CSGO hacking scene, I started with a smurf  about a month ago that got almost immediately banned using a different p2c so I got discouraged and had bad impressions about the scene. (Uni******)
I am a legit player that was stuck in DMG without hacks [Now im in Eagle and on my way to Global, thanks  to chods (;]
I somehow found this and this is by far the best one I have seen in terms of security, price and features. 

I can't say anything about Rage, since I never do that.

AIMBOT -  10/10: with so many options available to mess around, you can be as blatant or as human as possible with this! I know it may be confusing to set it up at first, but man this is amazing.

Unfortunately, I have yet to test out the other features. and the only visuals I use is Chams.

Performance -  I have a fairly high end PC, so I do not really notice much lag compared to what other people on shoutbox and forums are reporting. (I also use 4:3 with detail options set lower)

Community and support so far is top notch, support tickets were answered in a reasonable time. 

Overall: this gave me a really good impression! and I hope I enjoy my stay!

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