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Chod's review

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Works wine. I love the curve option but it's really detailed so hard to get a *good* setting, using configs for now to get a bit more knowledge of the cheat before making my own configs. Although, the configs are really good and haven't dissapointed me so far. I love the option "Allow mouse control" this definitely adds more realism to the aimbot because you can aim yourself too.

I never use triggerbot, it makes something too obvious. Allowing yourself to pull the trigger is way better than let the computer do this for you. I can't give any opinions on the triggerbot but it does look very detailed and advanced.

Lots of options to choose from. Simply amazing, I never use visuals when I can't see them, but when I do the chams really give me a advantage.

Bunnyhop is good, auto-strafe, auto-surf all work as expected. It's too obvious but nice for raging or HvH.

Won against iwebz, r3, $5d so definitely a good to go. Short but definitely a strong 10/10.

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