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Halloween coupon


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11 hours ago, Randomguy69 said:

 i can pay with skins, how this process works like i buy skins in steam of the same amount of cheat and how i give to you for the cheat. 

you know what i mean?

We use skfpay for skins.
They decide how much they're worth.
We match 1:1 with skf, so 9.99 pounds would be the equivalent of 9.99 skf.
Skfpay also has a 5% transaction fee.
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If if i use the code HALLOWEENFIDDY i will receive 50 % discount and for 3 months will be 9,75 pounds but when i go checkout with skfpay says i need 17,50 skf that is double of the price men try me to find a way to pay the cheat man you losing clients because of payment system but ok.

I Wait a rapid response.

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7 minutes ago, Randomguy69 said:

SOMEONE CAN RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 minutes ago, Randomguy69 said:


Hello, Please do not spam our forums.

We are figuring out why SKFpay is not having the coupon applied. We have no ETA on when it will be fixed.
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