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Eyy boys,
I'm using iwebz ATM, but chod's new menu looks great. I'm thinking about to buy, prolly its not that good for hvh like iw, but how about legit?
I mean if not even better, but something around that.
Also, when was the last detection?

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1. If you ask me personally, moderator position aside this is a really good tool for legit playstyle.



How many detections have you had?

Since we officially opened our business in January 2013, we've had these detections:

VAC detections:

January, 2014.

15th March, 2014.

30th June, 2014.

23rd September, 2014.

12th June, 2015.

CS:GO MM/untrusted detections:

25th March, 2014.

16th May, 2014.


22nd January, 2016.


13th February, 2015. (A generic detection that wasn't aimed towards us, but hit a lot of people in the scene)

3rd March, 2015.

20th September, 2015.

Last VAC detection happend 12th of June 2015


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