17 Months on and off with Chods

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So this month will mark the 17th I've been a member of Chod's. While I haven't had a subscription the entire time, I can say I've loved the community every bit. When I first joined, it was because I had friends that were around the nova master rank and I was about a Nova 1 at best. I got Chod's so I could rank up and play with them. The people on the forums were very helpful and I did extensive research before actually using the cheat in an actual match. Over the past months I've had 3 overwatch bans. 1 of which was on my main account that had 2k+ hours and I was deeply saddened. I then bought an account and raged to get over it. I then made a new main account and began playing again. Over the past few months I've dabbled in the DMG/LE range but I believe it's only due to my new adderall prescription. The account I play on now has 5k+ hours and is an LE still, but I'm more consistent. I've just came back to Chod's and this new firefly system freaked me out. I had a hard time using it as I didn't know how to bind keys and was pretty frustrated. The forum config sharing feature is a godsend and helped me get on my feet. I don't post much but I lurk the forums and always find new tips and tricks to being undetected. I've had a few scares in games where I believe I'd be overwatched but I'm still going strong. I want to give a thank you to @Chod for all the work he's done to make this community the best in the scene. With Chod's I'm able to play at a high level while maintaining all of my studies during the school year. I'm a sophomore in college and it's a wonderful thing being able to maintain "skill" while not having as much time to devote to the game. If anyone is having thoughts of trying Chod's, do it. 
Kindest Regards,

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