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First of all, I just want to say I used v3 version of this cheat as well.
Aimbot 9.5/10
Aimbot is great, and here is why;
There is a "humanize" setting which helps you make your aim even more legit by setting a aim curve. (I think this is essential for people who want to be %100 Overwatch secure, and it might be important in ranks like Global Elite and is DEFINITELY important for Faceit.)
There is setting to choose multiple hitboxes for even more legit aim. (People might think you are cheating because you are pointing to ONE body part ALL of the time. I personally use this even if I'm not like a super-legit kind of a guy.)
You can set RCS pitch, yaw, meters and smoothing. RCS is most noticable thing after Aimbot if not equal to Aimbot. So settings like this gives you the ability to make it more legit.
My only complaint with Legit aimbot is that it's kind of nerfed to be a legit aimbot. If you want a semi-legit gameplay, you'll have to tweak the Rage aimbot.
Too good. I haven't used providers that are only focused on raging, but I think this is a VERY strong aimbot.
You can aim from "A" (shown in the photo) to T spawn, with a PISTOL in de_train. That's how strong it is.
It also includes Fake Lag, Auto Edge, Meme Walk, Air stuck and Anti-aim (Essential for Hack v Hack, though this can get you untrusted so I recommend using it only on Hack v Hack servers.)
Can't give any points because there is nothing bad and nothing overwhelmingly good about it. It's a triggerbot, it works, and it works pretty well.
"Visual" settings 8.5/10
Pretty much everything you need. Includes "no-flash" (removes flashbang effects by percentage), 3D, 2D Full, 2D corner ESP. My only complaint is that there is no skinchanger. It is pretty important to you, but if you don't care about it, then there is nothing wrong about it.
Miscellaneous 10/10
There is IN-GAME CHATBOX. I can't say anything that will make it any better, but i'll go in some depth.
In-game chatbox is a VERY nice feature. It is a pain to ALT-TAB to see what is going on the Chod's Cheats forum's chatbox. For example how you can use this: You can go into game after you ask in the chatbox if anybody wants to game, and you can give them your steam/get their steam while in-game. Of course, how you use it depends on you.
There is also Bunnyhop, Auto-strafe, Mouse strafe, Circle strafe, Auto surf and Auto Crouch. What everything is can be understood from their name, so I won't explain them.
Support ∞/10
Amazing. Just amazing. Every support guy here is nice, but especially the maker of this cheat, Chod. Extremely helpful even though he is pretty busy. (He is the only coder here, he makes this cheat and fixes the bugs by himself.) Even the mod, xavier, makes a legit config for who finds these settings confusing. And it's not like "we made a shitty config for those who find it confusing, just use it" config, it's a pretty good config.

Overall, if skin-changer is extremely important to you, you might have to look somewhere else (Though Chod said maybe he'll add a skin changer, so don't lose hope yet.) But aside from that, this cheat is AMAZING, and very cheap considering how good it is. (My currency is pretty bad, so I have to pay high for this cheat, so don't think I'm like just buying this instead of just eating out but I still think it IS cheap.)


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