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Aimbot - 6/10
Works well but seems very similar to other cheats and the setup as well.
Can be confusing to setup if it is your first time as it was for me. Took a good 10 minutes to get use to the settings + configs.
Great legit aimbot tho doesn't snap as fast i like how it implements different movement to show its legit..

RCS - 6/10
Still needs some work it is a bit shaky at times when the enemy is close.

Trigger - 4/10
Settings at 0 delay it still takes awhile to even shoot at target.

Visuals - 10/10
Probably one of the best in the market atm, i love the nightmode/whitewalls very good and game changing when raging or even normal game play.
What really needs to change is the radar, i mean 2d is a bit outplayed but the hack just got released so we will have to wait and see. 

The menu is a whole new game, i love the chatbox + menu theme it is one of the best out atm sleek and stealthy look.

Rage - 4/10
To be honest, firefly was just released and many bugs/fixes are being made everyday. There are lots of flaws on the HvH features
but for standard rage it works great, for HvH MM i don't think its quite there just yet needs more features / tweaks made by chod himself.
More antiaims could be added to help the features. More functions / sliders as well.

Great option they put in to give warning before even raging. +1 to this first i know of to add this feature.

Misc - 10/10
Great normal features the bhop and auto strafe work just fine, for me thats mostly the only two things i use.

End Result -  6/10 Would i purchase chod-cheats again?
From what i know the cheat is new and revised everything is great but doesn't work 100% FPS is a real issue here, and also to mention a lot of the settings are hard to config etc.
Very little added on the hack seems like it was put together and rushed for release. Would i buy this again? Most likely no, not until the hack is at it's full potential. 
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