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I want to address something is this edit to make it clear because some members do not relies this is my opinion and i will edit this thread when and if the issues i have are adressed so let me explain to some of the more but-hurt people out there that are just salty because they can not take criticisms
1. firstly this is my opinion 
2. Thank you chod and mods for being understanding of my very undetailed post and keeping it up i will elaborate more on things i left out or did not have time to write about when i typed i was trying to get a msg out to some people just in case they were wondering if chod new update was good
3. i will change my post when either i fell the cheat is worth it or not
OK so first of all i'm taking away everything i write prior to this edit to make the post more friendly to the well newcomer and well the buthurt people by giving things on rating by a common era of cheat reveiwing whilst adding my own categories to this list to give a more in deph review as well as a should i get this product
So lets atart of with the most common thing about chods made cheat

Security: 10/10
- I give the cheat a 10/10 right now because it's well a chod made cheat his rep in the community of cheating is legendary he has very few ban waves on record and is god like in this catagory ive used chods cheats forever and not even a single ban of any type

Miscellaneous Features: 7/10
- i have mixed feelings about some of the feature like the forum chat this is neat but useless 

The esp: 7/10
-Some things about the esp it's good really good no lag and only buggy sometimes on teammates but it's good, i'm also curious about what happen to the grenade esp maybe i did not see a setting but i think it was removed from the game or the cheat

Support: 0/0 
yes 0/0 i dont really feel a cheat need support maybe for small stuff but i dont think this need to be category for chods cheats they have mehh support but it gets the job done

Features: 5/10
- the only reason i gave it a 5/10 i because chods relieses more on security than dumb thing that cause vac ban waves to accrue to some people

Rageing?????: 0/0
i do not feel a raging setting is right to be in a cheat like chods cheats it is gross and i dont know a lot about vac but i feel any cheat provider with rage settings gets vacced more but i assure you chod is the man and will for sure make sure something is safe before he dishes it out to his loyal customers. MY OPINION YOU BUT HURTS.

Aimbot: 6/10 
-tbh they advertised the aimbot being better but u liked v3 a lot more 1ft of all they did fix issues at launch but why are you rushing what felt like and unfinished product to us just to update it alot because you did not test if things were a good idea

rcs: 10/10
-nothing to say there just a rcs

triggerbot: 2/10 or a 6/10
-some things have been approved from v3 thats why my score is weird for this one but i like it and i hate it i love trigger aim alot but trigger aim is buggy and trash so i dont f wit it but the hit chance is sickening good it's great so i  have mixed feeling

Price: 0/10
-this is where i hate the change the most, you charge more money for more features this is obvious why you did this so some people buy all the little addons for the cheat make more money i am aware there is a but limit for the special ones but the screen shot and stream thing should be in the cheat by default and should cost 14 instead of 9

I geuss this is where i give my recommendation as well as a overall kind of thing soooooooo

Overall: 6/10
-buggy !!!!NOTE BUGS ARE FIXABLE!!!!!. 
i would not recommend someone buy it right now if you are looking for a developed cheat this cheat need some fixing and to bee worked on like any new cheat i consider this like a beta faze for firefly there is work to be done but i would say buy it if you want to go along the processes of the cheat changing into something a lot more than just a cheat into a way of life

NOTE: Please buy chods if you want to support an amazing developer and coder Shutouts to @Chod

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v3 is not coming back
The same things were said when we transitioned from v2 to v3.
Everything will be fixed in due time.

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I wouldn't go as far as to say to not buy chods service, but all can greatly benefit from a few improvements.

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It just got released, ofcourse there are gonna be bugs and other stuff. 

Chod are working on these things as fast as he can.

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after some tweaking, firefly is almost as good as V3 now.  Crashing problem is fixed yesterday.  So, I think we can accept firefly as our new tool.

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