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TF2 pre-sale question(s)


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Hey guys

I was a long time customer pre-2015 if I remember correctly, and Chods for csgo was one of my go-to cheats.

I played with chods up until that update where you guys included that confusing script system.

In the faq I can see that the last csgo detection was around june 2015, did the tf2 hack also have a vac detection there or was it csgo alone?

Also, how user friendly is the tf2 cheat nowadays? Do I need to fiddle with that script system again?

Aside from that, I suppose pro-spread does not work for tf2 anymore, correct?

Moreover, how good is the projectile-prediction (for rockets/bow)?

Last question: I remember that you guys offer a CSGO lite cheat which has a much smaller memory print (or sth like that), could you offer this for tf2 as well?

Thanks in advance for any possible answers.

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