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Hi there!

First off, Thanks for letting me join the community.

I have been apart of another hacking community for a while (Will not mention as against rules) and boy I must say that is over, Always knew they were dicks but just didn't do anything about it.

Anyway, After a few VAC banned accounts later and losing $300 in my inventory I decided enough was enough!

Sooo anyway, I have heard good things about Chod and thought I might as well try it out.

Before I do so, I am mainly interested in CS:S and CS:GO.

Now I have checked the features of both, and checked the forums..

I cannot seem to find what is detected/undetected.

In both games, as well as Match Making.

Can someone please list exactly what I can/can't do and what preventiosn are in place to stop me being VAC banned.

Thank you in advanec and hopefully after I recieve some good answers I can subscribe to the awesome community ;)

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Chod's Cheats is currently recovering from an Untrusted detection. As of yet it has not been confirmed/said to be tied with being VAC detected itself.

Chod removed any unsafe feature from the [CS:GO] cheat client itself. So no more raging; pure legit cheat.

Chod is implementing new security to prevent future untrusted and/or VAC detections.

CS:S and CS:GO are currently in need of updates. In other words, both the cheats are down.

CS:S should be updated today and CS:GO [most likely] within 2-3 days.

* Any of this may change without notice. So don't quote me.

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I recommend you to wait untill the cheat gets back up and running. Wait for feedback (Like the other recommended you) on how it is. If you feel that it is safe to go, you can buy it. After all Chod's top priority is his Costumers' safety.

Yet if I was you, I would probably wait (depends on your patience) 3 to 4 more days, and see how well it goes. But you never know when it will get detected. Honestly, when you cheat you always run the risk of getting banned, that is no secret. That is what I would do, because honestly, we don't know how well Chod manages his cheat's or client's security. We only know by using the cheat, and not getting banned or the other way around.

But don't worry, Chod always checks and tests his cheats for possible "holes." That could potentially make it detected. He has his methods to see if it is detected or not.

Of all I know, Chod seems the most trusted of all. But what I see might just be an illusion, you never know! What I mean is, what you see as "true" might be anothers "lie." Your reality might be another's illusion. Hope you get me.

This is probably getting deep, sorry. but I have not since 2011 (EA) had any regrets using Chod's Cheats.

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Thanks mate, I completely agree.

I do want to purchase it just want to make sure the cheats are safe beforehand!

Any updates?

Unfoturently I can't see anything in the VIP section until I purchase so no idea on the actual status of the cheats etc!

Cheers in advance!

Nothing so far. I guess Chod is still working on the cheat.

Just wait for a few more days.

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