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Sions new review [extremely laggy, unplayable]

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While the cheat itself is okay, I've had extreme lag with this on my system and I have not had that with any other cheat.

I would not recommend this cheat if you don't have a good pc.

I've been able to play 2 games and then gave up as it was just not worth trying to use this cheat while playing.

While the aimbot and rcs work fine if you don't lag everything besides that is just poor.

The visuals are extremely poor now due to the CSGO update awhile ago, however I feel that it could still be improved, other cheat providers have definitely made the visuals work much better as of recent.

The support was terrible, no one could help with the issues I was having, and when asking about refund as it was unplayable got no response about that.

Anyway not much to say about it, used to rate this cheat very highly, but I have to rate it as very dissapointing now.

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Thank you for your testimony.

I do apologize for the fact that your system is not sufficient to run the client, and csgo at the same time. It barely meets the minimum system requirements to run CSGO. There is nothing that we can do to help you as it is a hardware issue, and not a software issue. As for a refund, you will have to discuss that with Chod directly, but you've been here long enough to know that we do not offer any refunds.

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