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Review CS GO Cheat.

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Im going to do a review of now what i have try on 2016.

Esp: 10/10 Really cool feature, i like the soundesp very much

Aimbot: 10/10 I havent got any problem on it really perfect powerful and legit at the same time.

RCS: 8/10 Why i give 8/ 10 is because if you take always on, let me say you just wanna play with the rcs and no aimbot. If you do that the weapon lag like screen shaking it had been really nice to fix that and its same if you use aimbot with it to.

so i recommend do not play with always on for now.

Faceit: 7/10 it works very well in faceit everyone say this hack does not support faceit because they get banned. It is supporting it, many problems many do is that they using aimbot in faceit because they have a anitcheat system that feels when someone is using aimbot or other aim assists. i have used it alot in faceit for a while.

Support: 10/10 havent got any problem with the support it is always someone online that i can ask.

Bugs: 10/10 never a bug runs perfectly using windows 10.

Antivirus: 10/10 No blame on the antivirus and im using norton to thats like blame on everything. Thats really awesome.

Ban: Every cheat provider gets detected some time i give it a 9/10 for now it havent been a detection for a long time now.

For those who blames on this site i don't understand why i have read others reviews some is not happy but i say no one can make something perfect and this is one of the best sites many other providers is shitty and gives you a ban on like 1 day. I was Tech Moderator on a site that is called *********, don't get a cheat on that site i promise you it's really shit i can't belive how i was a tech moderator there it was always problem with the hack. Stay and buy hacks on this site instead much much better.

This is one of the best cheats i have played with have used many other providers but they have been buggy and stuff but this is completly bug free thats impressvie not many cheat providers that succed with that.

Thanks for me and thanks chods for making this awesome cheats have a great day guys.

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Thank you for your testimony. Would you mind posting your config in the config section for other users to see on what is do-able on the faceit servers, that would be awesome.

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Thank you for ur review.

I removed the provider you mentioned in ur text as it is not allowed to name other providers on this site.

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