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CS:GO Rage Comeback?

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Dear Staff,

just wanted to ask if you plan to bring back ragehacking for CS:GO Matchmaking .. ? Currently there is only 1 cheat out .. there with FAGGOT-Admins. Nearly all features are MM-Proof for untrusted like the Air Stuck Chod implemented in Chod v1 at first from all others.

Look on the small red sign above one's head.


The admins whitelisted themselves in the code and they're playing constantly .. what the fuck is that. Met 2 of 3 admins last game with this shit and I was about to insult them. Q_Q

Greetz, AdReNoChrOm.


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You would get untrusted if you were to use it. So why bring it back, and causing people to Post on the forums with bans? But if Chod wanted to, he could make a Tick box in the Client, with a "Rage" and "Legit" option. So if you wanted to rage (Doing it at your own risk) you would tick that tick box stating "Rage." It would bring up ONLY the Rage options. But if you wanted both (Again, at your own risk) you could do so. Or Legit.

But I doubt Chod would, since his top priority is his Customers' safety, in which if he were to readd it, people (who are taking a look/or not at the forum) would seemingly post posts, about them getting untrusted and/or Overwatched, when in fact they were using "detected" features. Which might cause a lot of trouble, when in all honesty, Chod wants to ensure our safety.

Again if Chod wants to, he can.

If there were something, that seemed a bit unclear, then please say so :)

This is my view, so you can disagree or agree on it, but please no insulting :)

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As Dude said Chod is focused on legit and safe hack.

If you want rage I think that there is one or two providers on market who rage regular. Search.

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