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Marek Wojtulewski

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Yes, we support W10 64bit.

Windows does not need to be in test mode or anything special. You just need admin rights.

You don't need to delete your anti-virus, just ensure that it doesn't interfere. You'll just need to either disable it while injecting/playing or just allow the cheat in the whitelist. Some anti-viruses don't even interfere at all so you may not even have to touch your anti-virus.

I believe you don't need to change your UAC settings.

If you buy via PayPal it is usually "instant" in that as soon as PayPal sends our server the payment info you'll be automatically activated. BitPay requires manual activation, however.

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i want buy now ;)

i have win 10 x64 not problem ?

i must have windows in test mode ?

i must delete my anty virus bitdefener ?

i msut trun off UAC ?

if i buy i get immediately hack ?

Yes, buy now using Paypal's regular payment method

Chod's Cheats supports windows 10, 64 bit only

Regular windows boot is required

Your antivirus might interfere, so yes, probably need to uninstall

Disabling UAC is not necessary.

Use Paypal's default payment method, and you'll have access moments after. Do not use Paypal E-check.

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I use Bitdefender 2016 Internet security

what you could do is add the USB Folder containing the cheat to the exception list by going to

Open Bitdefender on interface go: Modules > Antivirus > Exclusions > click Excluded files and folder add the folder in my case it is Straight Outta ChodsTown as seen on this picture

The reason i use the whole folder is simply because otherwise you would have to add the executable to excluded each time you want to cheat since a new one is generated, which might be a pain in the ass lol


Good luck.

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