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CS:GO Cheat questions.

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So i got a few questions before I decide to purchase this hack, and here's the following.

How secure is your Anti VAC system? This is the most urgent question for me because I've been cheating for awhile, and I've learned to hide it pretty when it comes to overwatch. Has it ever been detected through VAC? If there's an update, how long should we wait before using the hack again?

While reading your reviews, I've seen alot of people complain on how hard it is to config the hack. So, for the 'time' scale, like how long the triggerbot shoots before stopping, is it measured in seconds? I know some hacks that uses over 3 digit values which made it confusing as there's no note on how the time is measured.

I only use triggerbot and the radar only mostly so those are my questions!


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We do have a system called vac guard that checks for vac updates and disables the cheat when it finds one.

It all depends on how fast we gain access to the updated vac module and reverse engineer it, sometimes vac just updates at a bad time so it might take a full day or more.

The values are kinda 1.00000, (My 0's might be off) however yes on a time based feature it would mean that 1.* == one second.

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